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Change, Challenge, and Uncertainty have been constants throughout the working experience of today’s energy industry decision makers……..executives, advisors, customers, regulators, legislators, and investors alike.

enStratalytics LLC is an independent energy advisor with the skills and experience to help navigate the choppy waters of change, challenge, and uncertainly. enStratalytics was formed to help energy organizations, those that advise them, those that regulate them, those that invest in them, or their customers understand, quantify, position, and respond to the challenges of today’s energy markets.

Adapting to change, challenge, and uncertainty demands solid quantitative analysis, broadly informed strategies and exceptional core operational capabilities. Fortunately, the energy industry enjoys a proud history of these traits. Industry leaders and decision makers, however, must constantly update these skills and capabilities to meet the challenges of today’s new markets and new competitors and to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. enStratalytics will partner with energy industry decision makers to meet today’s challenges without losing sight of the skills and capabilities that delivered the successes of the past.

The need to maintain a strong energy industry has never been more important, or more difficult. Energy is a necessary component in the creation of GNP and to fuel its growth. The availability of reliable, low cost energy benefits everyone and allows us to enjoy an increasing standard of living. High energy costs act as a tax on everyone. Further, high energy costs crowd out investment opportunities and make our goods and services less competitive in international markets. Strong organizations in all segments of the energy value chain are crucial in order to ensure abundant quantities of safe, reliable, and cost effective energy.

enStratalytics can help energy industry decision makers understand, evaluate, and respond to the challenges of today’s energy markets and to help create and maintain strong, competent, competitive, and efficient energy organizations.

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